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Each item is hand made from genuine Designer Material that is first Authenticated using the Entrupy system we use for all our Designer Handbags, then the material and hardware are used to inspire individual pieces that we hope our customers will love.
High Quality new materials are used to compliment the pieces we repurpose making them as individual as you and rarer than the designer item it was made from, your girlfriends will certainly be asking you "where did you get that from". Our one-off designs are available as pre-made pieces on occasions or your design ideas are considered as well, so if you think of something that you would like to see made just e mail your request to dwisdom@clothesmentorstores.com
So as not to upset the individual fashion design houses whose products we use to make these items, you are buying the craftsman's time that it takes to make each individual piece, not the actual material.
Each piece comes with a miniature copy of the actual Authentication Certificate that the item was made of and each item is presented in its own drawstring pouch. 
Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm & Sun 12pm - 5pm

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